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Spot Me

Period Product Sharing App & Dispenser

There’s nothing worse than rushing around on a busy day, starting your period, and realizing you don’t have any period products. Women share and exchange period sanitary products all the time, whether we know each other or not.


But sometimes that feels really awkward. And other times, there’s just no one around.

So I streamlined the sharing system.

The Spot Me Box is an app-driven period product sharing system. Period product brands that participate will add a small barcode on the packaging of individual pads and tampons. Here's how it works:

Taking a tampon:

  • Download the Spot Me App.

  • Create a free account.

  • On the app, view Spot Me Box locations and how many of each product are in a box.

  • Scan the QR code on the box. Receive a 4-digit code to access a free feminine product.

  • Scan the barcode on the feminine product.

  • Get free period products whenever you need them!

Donating a tampon:

  • Deposit a spare period product by scanning the product’s barcode and the QR code on the dropbox.

  • Leave the product for someone in need.

  • Earn points that lead to great deals on products from the participating brands. 

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