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Scents remind us of people, places, and memories.

JO MALONE print -peony.jpg

These print ads were artistically designed based on people's unique responses after smelling each perfume. The participants did not hear each other's responses, nor were they informed on the title or ingredients of the perfume before the interview.

JO MALONE print -poppy.jpg

Interview Questions

1. You smell this scent. Describe where you are.

2. What are you holding in your hands when you smell this?

3. Who does this scent remind you of?

4. Who would you associate with this scent?

5. What terrain do you think of when you smell this?

6. What emotions do you associate with this scent?

7. If this scent were tangible, what would it feel like?

8. Where would you wear this scent? Why?

Art Director: Emily Demordaunt

Copywriter: Kate Salisbury

Content Creator: Addison Leavitt


The people we love inspire us to work on ourselves, step up, and the best we can be.

Copywriter: Kate Salisbury

Content Creator: Spencer Nelson


Harmful beauty standards convince women that a changing body is a bad thing, which is damaging to a pregnant or postpartum women’s self-esteem.

Nuuly is a monthly clothing rental service that allows women to truly embrace their changing body. Clothes are meant to fit you, not the other way around!

We can celebrate the growth and change of pregnancy while remaining true to ourselves.

nuuly print4.JPG
nuuly print2.JPG
nuuly print3.JPG
Untitled-Artwork 2.JPG
Untitled-Artwork 1.JPG

We will update Nuuly's social channels to include more content featuring their maternity and nursing-friendly clothing options.

Treat Yourself!

The first time someone signs up to receive maternity or nursing-friendly clothing, they will receive a complimentary self-care package.

real new mom insta.JPG
real nuuly moment insta.JPG

In an effort to foster on online community of pregnant ladies and new moms, people will be able to post about their #Nuuly moment in an Instagram story using a reshare sticker.

runway image.JPG

Experience Nuuly on the runway with a special Nuuly fashion show event, featuring everyday pregnant women.

Those who order maternity clothes from Nuuly will be offered an invitation to participate as an attendee or runway model.

The fashion shows will be held in major cities all across the U.S.

Participants and attendees will have the opportunity to select clothes for their next Nuuly box on the spot!

Strategist: Camille Whisenant

Art Director: Emily Demordaunt

Copywriter: Kate Salisbury

Content Creator: Madison McVey


Tiktok trends show artists using Aquaphor for all kinds of makeup creativity. Who even uses it as "healing ointment" anymore?

aquaphor 3.jpeg

Strategist: Anna Vincent

Art Director: Avery Keller

Copywriter: Kate Salisbury

Content Creator: Aubrey Mackin

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