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Hello there, I’m Kate!


East Coast born, West Coast raised, and a big fan of big cities. 

I exude oldest-child energy, manifested in my color-coded Google calendar and tendency to give a little too much advice to my two younger sisters.


I love keeping lists, especially for ranking restaurants and adding new French words to my vocabulary.


My current obsessions are rhythmic spin cycling and organizing my closet.

My love for writing started when I was young, thanks to inspiring teachers and a couple years of Young Writer's Camp. Soon, I was collecting my favorite taglines in a little notebook and memorizing my favorite ads word for word. My Google Drive contains years of short stories, essays, silly poems, screenplays, and ad ideas.


I also bring good luck. I was born on 11/11 at 11:22am, and at the time, my parents lived in apartment K11. Furthermore, K is the eleventh letter in the alphabet, and the crowning jewel of my first name. And that's not even the end of it.


Let’s chat.  |   (925)-876-2133



Copywriter Intern - Carmichael Lynch (2024-present)

Copywriter - BYU Adlab (2021-2024)

Cafe Rio, 2024 Paris Olympics, Utah Department of Commerce

Copywriter Intern - DDB San Francisco (2023)

iShares, CarGurus, Energy Upgrade California (Flex Alerts)

Client Services Intern - We Are Social NY (2022)

Adidas, Barilla, Bumble, eBay, Electronic Arts Inc, Major League Soccer

Account Management Intern - Boncom (2021)

WaterAid, Smithsonian Air & Space Museum, Utah Hogle Zoo, Fire Sense, Live On, Days of '47 Cowboy Games & Rodeo, Humanitarian XP


Clios Collegiate

2024 - Gold, The Real Real "Stories of Styles Past"

The One Show Young Ones

2024 - Gold Pencil (x2), Dove "Make Self-Love Genetic"

2024 - Silver Pencil, Dove "Make Self-Love Genetic"


2023 - National Finalist, Grammarly "Consent Check"

2023 - District Gold, Grammarly "Consent Check"

2023 - Utah Silver, Grammarly "Consent Check"

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